Welcome to Jeny Smith official web site!

Hi Guys! My name is Jeny Smith and i'm a little bit of an exhibitionist girl...

My style is hidden flashing. When only those who want to see can see me naked. 

My fetish is to wear tranparent clothes in public and act like there is nothing wrong with it. 

So inside you'll find a lot of video and photo sets and also lot of comunication with me (i like to chat with my fans, it helps to improve my content)

So come and join or...join and come :o)

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Latest Updates

A little journey

We leave for little Europe journey tonight. 

Going to shoot something nice for you and meet a secret friend :o) 

I will update my twitter so follow me there to know what's going on!





5 days ago
Jeny Smith - Naked Truth
Length: 16 min 08 sec
6 days ago
Fire prt2
232 pics
1 week ago
Fire prt 1
100 pics
1 week ago
Coming soon...
Length: 2 min 02 sec
1 week ago
Fire Walking
Length: 12 min 33 sec
2 weeks ago
BackStage pics

We have a lot of backstage pics uploaded this time in "fire" sets

Tell me your opinion would you like to see those "behind the camera" shots or not?

2 weeks ago