Welcome to Jeny Smith official web site!

Hi Guys! My name is Jeny Smith and i'm a little bit of an exhibitionist girl...

My style is hidden flashing. When only those who want to see can see me naked. 

My fetish is to wear tranparent clothes in public and act like there is nothing wrong with it. Also i am a little fan girl of seamless pantyhose.  

Come inside and you will find a lot of videos and photos of your Jeny Smith! 


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Porto Riviera Walk
142 pics
2 days ago
Jeny Smith - "Need Help"
Length: 8 min 38 sec
3 days ago
Jeny Smith - My Mokondo
Length: 11 min 21 sec
4 days ago
Balcony set with Vienna Love
Length: 12 min 25 sec
1 weeks ago

Hi Guys

Translation takes so much time for the recent clips. What do you choose for pantyhose review:

1) To get non translated pantyhose clip but faster

2) Wait for translation

Vote in comments!

3 days ago
Jeny at night train saloon
97 pics
4 days ago
Download for MY Mokondo video!

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6 days ago
My new cap!

Just short story about the cap!

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1 weeks ago